“What Are We Accomplishing?”

In John 11, this was the question the Jewish leaders were asking themselves in light of all that Jesus was doing. His teachings and miracles were drawing yuge crowds. They could see all that they had worked for slipping away.

It might have been different if their accomplishments had been for the people; but they weren’t. It was all about advancing their fine tuned, highly organized and controlling system that had taken years to develop. Jesus was a threat it. And with their focus being set on protecting it, there was only one option as they saw it . . . Jesus had to be stopped.

Trump, similarly, has not been on the scene long, but he is accomplishing things. The Democratic Party’s accomplishments have not been highly regarded and the American people finally let them know it. Their focus was on extending their control; and seeing that control slip away—control that has taken years to develop—are likewise seeing only one option. Trump must be stopped.

As it is, Trump is a threat to the organized and controlling Democratic Party; actually to all who are more for themselves than for the people. My hope is that as opponents on both sides see the good that is being done for the people, that their interests could shift away from themselves and toward the people. What if down the road, all could say, “Look at what we are accomplishing”.


America Reaches its Limit

As sick as this example is, it is nevertheless true and fitting. If you have ever tried to make yourself throw up, you know the throat reaches its limit and eventually gags. On Tuesday, America, having reached its limit of all the Democrats have been ramming down our throats . . . finally gagged.

Independence On the Line

In the war of 1812, our recently obtained independence was again on the line. In the decisive battle at Fort McHenry, September 13, 1814, a barrage of cannon fire went through the day and into the night. “At about four A. M., the guns went silent” and the sky, which had been lit up by cannon fire, went pitch black.

Observers weren’t sure what the cease fire meant. Fort McHenry could have surrendered. The British fleet could have pulled out. And so they waited until daybreak to see whose flag was flying at the fort. Fortunately, ours was still there . . . along with our independence. Again fortunately, one of the observers was a man named Frank Key who, being so relieved, was moved to record what he saw.

It is my strong belief that our independence is again on the line. The enemy is again distinguished by the color red. Tomorrow will be a decisive battle. We will all be observing to see if at the end of the day, our flag is still flying. If it is, I believe we too will be so relieved and moved that someone among us might even record the emotion of it in a way that will help us all to never forget it.

At the end of the day and for years to come, I pray we are able to look back on November 8 as the day we, once again, secured our independence.



Engage Anew

At the critical point in the wickedly cold winter of 1776, where the fatigued band of Washington’s soldiers were at the final day of their enlistment, those who were willing to stay were asked to step forward. No one moved. “Minutes passed. Then Washington ‘wheeled his horse about’ and spoke again.”

“My brave fellows, you have done all I have asked you to do, and more than could be reasonably expected, but your country is at stake, your wives, your housed, and all that you hold dear. You have worn yourselves out with fatigues and hardships, but we know not how to spare you. If you will consent to stay one month longer, you will render that service to the cause of liberty, and to your country, which you can probably never do under any other circumstance.”

“Again the drums sounded and this time the men began to step forward. ‘God Almighty’ wrote Nathaniel Greene, ‘inclined their hearts to listen to the proposal and they engaged anew.”

We have this opportunity to render our service to the cause of liberty. We may never have it again. What will it take for us “to engage anew”? It’s not the physical matter of braving the elements and risking our lives. It’s just a matter of deciding, enough. But so far, too many have been unmoved by the volume of condemning evidence. It is the equivalent to this same band of soldiers standing by and watching the British overtake our country.


One Final Option

In 701 BC, the Assyrian army had Israel pinned inside their walls. Assyrian victory was certain. They taunted the Jews; “Do not let Hezekiah deceive you! He cannot deliver you. Do not let Hezekiah persuade you to trust in the Lord when he says, ‘The Lord will surely deliver us’”. 

Hezekiah could have fought and been reduced to a pile of rubble. He could have surrendered and gone into captivity. But what he did led to one of the greatest stories in the Bible. It says in Isaiah that when Hezekiah heard the taunts, “he went into the temple of the Lord”.

Hezekiah presented his case and reasoned together with God. The basis for his case was not their dilemma; it was that this commander of the Assyrian army had been sent to ridicule the living God.  

I see a similarity in this story and what we are facing today as a Clinton victory seems almost as sure as Assyria’s. The fighting has not worked. It is tempting to surrender. Ah, but the third option. I believe it is time we go into the temple of the Lord. And what is the basis of our case? I believe they too have been sent to ridicule and mock the living God. They do not regard him as God.

As a result of one man choosing to reason with God, without any other effort, “the Assyrian army broke camp and withdrew. They returned to Nineveh and stayed there.”


Trump – One Last Chance

It is refreshing to hear common sense from at least one of our presidential candidates. It is baffling to see the opposition—the opposing team, sure; but its own team members?

Some believe Trump is rude. Some, that our country needs God and not simply a good business man. Some, that his ideas are too extreme.

We’re beginning to see the not so rude side. And surely, can God not be seen in his passion for fairness, his love for justice and his hatred of evil. If his ideas are a little extreme, is it not because for far too long we have drifted and in many cases been forcefully pushed so far away from what our country is to be about that extreme measures are now necessary?

Isaiah had a message for his day that the people might’ve thought was a little extreme. They might’ve thought God was not with him and maybe that he was a little rude. His mindset reminds me of Trumps. “Therefore I have set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame. He who vindicates me is near.”

I believe Trump knows what he can do for our country and its people. It’s not just about the next 4 years or even 8. It is about restoration or extinction. The goal of “fundamentally” changing our nation is in full swing. Hillary will keep it going. Trump gives us one last chance.

The Missing Element

Passion! A genuine, down to the bone, love for our country, its people and the way of life we have worked to establish; it’s missing. I just finished reading, At the Edge of the Precipice, about Henry Clay and the Great Compromise. Our congressmen had passion back then; and that passion, primarily of three individuals, swayed the whole nation.

It was 10 years before the Civil War, and though the tensions that would eventually lead to war were in full swell, the additional tension in 1850 was the threat of a split nation. Daniel Webster, one of the three individuals, “spoke with a conviction that moved both his colleagues and the entire country”. John C. Calhoun, another one of the three, though he would die before the month was ended, “rose from his sickbed and entered the chamber to hear what his colleague had to say”. It was packed.

Henry Clay was the third individual and the one who was actually referred to as “the Great Compromiser”. His passion and energy was centered on preserving our divided union. It is the reason we are still the United States. At times when he would address his colleagues, “half the house would be in tears”.

Our government is running amuck. Where is this missing element of passion from our elected officials? They should be raising hell. Instead . . . they are raising funds. Our senator, Roy Blunt is chief in this; but he is not alone.