Penalty – The Only Deterrent

Can you imagine a football game where the referees did not enforce the rules of the game? If a whistle is blown, there is a brief meeting and play is resumed without penalty. Can you imagine how out of control the players would become? Imagine the outrage that would be expressed by both commentator and fan.

The fans can jump up and down. The commentators can go on and on about it. The referees can be on the field the entire game. But the only thing that will bring order is penalty.

Fox News and Rush Limbaugh go on and on about the corruption in our government. We express our disapproval and outrage in as many ways as possible. The referees are present; but the only thing that is going to stop the corruption is penalty. The referees are not doing their job. The game is out of control; and it is precisely because, violations are not penalized.

In the Course of Time

Where are we In the Course of Time? Are we on the outer edges of the time the Bible refers to where the antichrist runs the world? Are we seeing the formation of that rise in power with ISIS? Has God put us in such a stupor that we are paving the way for it to flourish? Are we seeing the beginning of that time of which the Bible says we will be forced to accept a number in submission to that power (which results in a denial of Christ) to be able to buy and sell?

Either Satan has deceived them into believing they are doing God a favor and God is waiting on us to stop them, or God has stirred them and put us in such a stupor that we have no will to stop them. There is really only one way to know for sure. If Satan is behind it, they can be defeated. If we are on the outskirts of the end of times, we may remain in our stupor. But my prayer is that we will be stirred into action—swift and decisive action. If God is with us, we will win. If not . . . we can assume the curtain has been drawn.

“Somebody Stop Me”

I read this morning where, after Saul was killed in battle, two of his leaders killed one of his sons’ thinking they were doing David a favor. When they brought his head to David, David had them killed.

What if David had just expressed his outrage in words? What if your kid was doing something you didn’t approve of and you just expressed your disapproval in words? An employee was doing something they shouldn’t and the employer just expressed their disapproval in words—time and time again?

We have a President that many are outraged over. So far though, the outrage has just been a verbal expression. The Republican Party is outraged but so far they have done nothing to stop him. Fox News anchors are outraged but all they can do is talk. Many like me are outraged but what can we do?

The bottom line is, as long as we just talk, he will do what he is doing. He will give power to ISIS by refusing to aggressively engage in the fight against them. He will give power to the protestors by excusing their behavior. He will give power to illegal immigrants by granting them legal rights.

Remember Jim Carrey’s line in the movie Mask? “Somebody Stop Me!” I think that is exactly how Obama feels. “In six years, you’ve shown me that all you are going to do is talk. I can take that all day long. In the meantime, I will just keep on pushing my agenda to fatally cripple this nation.”

Everything in me believes that is his agenda. It is the only thing that makes sense out of all that he does and does not do. There’s really nothing I can do but express my outrage in words. That is all that most of us can do. But there are people in power that can do more. Until they exorcise their power, he will continue to ram his down our outraged throats.

Upside Down 4

They say that social security benefits could run out.  Funny; I’ve never heard of the possibility of welfare running out.  Is that not upside down?  We who have worked all our life and paid in, may not get our money back, while so many who have never worked a day in their life, continue to bleed it all dry.

I believe there will always be a percentage of needy people.  And if that percentage would remain reasonable, there would be plenty to help those who truly needed.  But the percentage is out of line.  It needs to be a priority of our government to right it.  It wouldn’t have to be drastic; but gradually with plenty of forewarning, we could get back in line.

Millions of Mexicans come here and find work because they want to work – because they have to work.  Far too many in our welfare system aren’t there because they have to be; they want to be. That needs to change.

Upside Down 3

An interviewer (white male) told a protester (black male) that he was not prejudiced and asked the protester if he believed him. The protester said “no”. The protester went on to say that the whites will say in public that they are not prejudiced, but in private they are.

So this is what they believe and what I think is fueling all the anger and hate. Whether it is true or not really doesn’t matter. They believe it is true and you can’t separate what you believe from the way you live and conduct yourself.

It is similar to the belief I had during my first 30 years of Christianity. I believed that God was not pleased with my effort. No matter how much bad I tried to get rid of or how much good I tried to add, it wasn’t enough.

One day I realized it was not God that was doing all the demanding. In Romans 8, Paul asks this question: “Who is he that condemns?” He didn’t really answer the question. But to a group of people who thought the answer was God, he shifted their thoughts to the truth about God. “Christ Jesus is at the right hand of God interceding for us.” In spite of this truth that clearly states that Jesus/God is for me, my enemy had convinced me of the opposite.

“Who is he that condemns?” It is the enemy that condemns. It is the enemy that is out to steal, kill and destroy. It is the enemy that is our accuser. He is the father of lies. And it is just like him to twist the greatest truth, the fact that God is for us – that He loves us – into the greatest lie that He doesn’t.

And so similarly, the blacks, I believe have been fed a lie. A consistent drip after drip after drip until they are convinced that whites are against them – that they hate them. Paul, focusing on the truth, gave me truth to focus on. Blacks need someone to tell them the truth. 50 years ago freedom was secured for them. Many have taken advantage of that freedom and made for themselves a life that that freedom was intended to grant.

Right now the world is focusing on the ones who have not. And still they are being fed lies. They are being told it is the police who need to be evaluated, not them. The police need to conduct themselves differently. Lies upon lies, never addressing the possibility that they need to evaluate the way they conduct their lives.

It all plays in to the goal of turning our nation upside down.

Upside Down 2

I do think, in keeping with my last piece, Upside Down, that the rioters, Eric Holder and the President need to be stopped. They will not stop on their own. They will keep turning us upside down as long as we let them.

It’s upside down to me, but I realize we are finally a divided nation. About half of us are okay with all they are trying to do. But where has it gotten us? Nothing can be called wrong anymore. There was a time when all this destructive behavior would not have been tolerated. Hands are tied and they know it.

And this is what will happen in the end. Eventually it will stop. They will go back to their front porches and receive paychecks from the government while they watch us work to rebuild all that they destroyed. And we will rebuild it. That is what hard working Americans do. They are doing what they do and we will do what we do. In the long run, they are the pitiful specimens of mankind.

And the worst part of it all is that it doesn’t have to be that way. They, by making the same hard choices that we make everyday, to do right instead of wrong, to work instead of sit idle, could improve their quality of life. But our government, hell bent on ruining our nation, which was built on hard work and decency, encourages them to stay right where they are. Our government and their activists work feverishly to fan the flame that they have been treated unjustly, that they deserve to have all that hard working Americans have without the discipline of hard work.

It is without a doubt, upside down. It cannot be sustained.

Upside Down

Doesn’t it seem odd that the rioters have been given the green light and law enforcement the red? When Eric Holder had the opportunity to say the rioting would not be tolerated, he chose instead to say it would not be condoned. And then the President, he could have said, “I don’t care how angry you get. If you take it too far and start damaging property, you will be restrained.” Instead, he coddled them by saying their anger was understandable and urged the police to restrain themselves.

The latest talk is about further restraint – and again, not on the rioters but the police. Eric Holder wants to push to make racial profiling illegal. If successful, it will be one more form of restraint on the police. How about pushing instead for those who fit the profile, to quit fitting the profile. Pull your pants up. Get a job. Stop looking like a thug.

Back to the rioting. There has been some talk about Michael Brown’s stepfather being charged with inciting a riot. I personally think he should be. I think Sharpton should be. But equally, I believe Holder and the President should be. A good leader will diffuse a volatile situation; but the top two are fanning it.

Just like the rioters, they will do it until they are stopped. They are turning our nation upside down and we’re letting them. There is so much talk about how awful the things are that they are getting away with. But who is going to quit talking and just simply stop them.

I wonder how many stores would have been burned down if posted on the window was a message something to the effect of: “IF YOU SO MUCH AS START TO SWING A BAT AT OUR WINDOWS, YOU WILL BE SHOT.” There was no such message. Instead, it was an understood message; “YOU GET A FREEBEE. HAVE AT IT.”

Do we not send the same message to Holder and the Obama? When Holder can say in response to all that crap that is going on right now, that it is the police who need to be restrained, are we not giving him a freebee. Neither the rioters, nor Holder, nor the President will stop on their own. All three must be stopped.