Muslims in America

For hundreds of years, Christians and non Christians have occupied this land in relative harmony. The land has been big enough for Jews, Jehova’s Witnesses, Mormons and others.

Muslims are the only ones where the evidence to take over is too much a part of their belief system to overlook. We see the extreme of that belief playing out, but a little less obvious is the silence of the many. Where is the outrage of the many over what the few extremists are doing? The fact that it is relatively non existant speaks volumes to me.

In my opinion, I believe they have overstayed their welcome. This is America. It is one thing to want to win converts. We as Christians do that. But there is too much evidence that their belief system takes it much further than that.

I think it is time to clean house. Personally, I like Trumps idea of surveillance. This is our country. Either support IT, or get out.

A Forcefully Advancing Kingdom

I heard this comment today: “Democrats do a better job at selling bad ideas than Republicans do at selling great ones.” It reminded me of a comment Jesus made: “The kingdom of heaven is forcefully advancing and forceful men are laying hold of it.” Today, the liberal kingdom is forcefully advancing and forceful men are advancing it.

It is encouraging to have a few forceful men for our side in the wings. Hopefully they will be able to lay hold of common sense for a change. Today, the left would like to take the guns we would use for protection, while at the same time are beefing up our enemy’s weapons. And, it is somehow in our best interest to keep spending money we do not have.

I hope before all this blows up, our forceful men will help grind this insanity to a halt and forcefully advance our conservative kingdom.

Time for Doing

So many of us are outraged by all that is going on in our country right now. Some of our favorite news anchors and commentators speak daily on how outraged they are. A select few politicians do. But have you noticed how it is doing nothing to stop the insanity? The left just keeps on rolling. In fact they seem to be picking up speed.

I’m not sure what “We the People” can do. We elect people who seem to be as outraged as we are,and then, having the opportunity we have given them, they do nothing. Similarly with commentators. I get tired of hearing them take part of their show to tell how dead to right we have Hillary, and then take another segment to explore how different candidates will do against her. Either direct all your ammo at putting her away or let it go.

It is insane that so many people are outraged and yet there is no good effort/strategy to stop the insane things that keep happening. Other than Trump and Carson, where are all the other voices that stand up and so “NO” – “ENOUGH”? Where are the ones that literally stand and put their foot down – that do rather than just talk.

Penalty – The Only Deterrent

Can you imagine a football game where the referees did not enforce the rules of the game? If a whistle is blown, there is a brief meeting and play is resumed without penalty. Can you imagine how out of control the players would become? Imagine the outrage that would be expressed by both commentator and fan.

The fans can jump up and down. The commentators can go on and on about it. The referees can be on the field the entire game. But the only thing that will bring order is penalty.

Fox News and Rush Limbaugh go on and on about the corruption in our government. We express our disapproval and outrage in as many ways as possible. The referees are present; but the only thing that is going to stop the corruption is penalty. The referees are not doing their job. The game is out of control; and it is precisely because, violations are not penalized.

In the Course of Time

Where are we In the Course of Time? Are we on the outer edges of the time the Bible refers to where the antichrist runs the world? Are we seeing the formation of that rise in power with ISIS? Has God put us in such a stupor that we are paving the way for it to flourish? Are we seeing the beginning of that time of which the Bible says we will be forced to accept a number in submission to that power (which results in a denial of Christ) to be able to buy and sell?

Either Satan has deceived them into believing they are doing God a favor and God is waiting on us to stop them, or God has stirred them and put us in such a stupor that we have no will to stop them. There is really only one way to know for sure. If Satan is behind it, they can be defeated. If we are on the outskirts of the end of times, we may remain in our stupor. But my prayer is that we will be stirred into action—swift and decisive action. If God is with us, we will win. If not . . . we can assume the curtain has been drawn.

“Somebody Stop Me”

I read this morning where, after Saul was killed in battle, two of his leaders killed one of his sons’ thinking they were doing David a favor. When they brought his head to David, David had them killed.

What if David had just expressed his outrage in words? What if your kid was doing something you didn’t approve of and you just expressed your disapproval in words? An employee was doing something they shouldn’t and the employer just expressed their disapproval in words—time and time again?

We have a President that many are outraged over. So far though, the outrage has just been a verbal expression. The Republican Party is outraged but so far they have done nothing to stop him. Fox News anchors are outraged but all they can do is talk. Many like me are outraged but what can we do?

The bottom line is, as long as we just talk, he will do what he is doing. He will give power to ISIS by refusing to aggressively engage in the fight against them. He will give power to the protestors by excusing their behavior. He will give power to illegal immigrants by granting them legal rights.

Remember Jim Carrey’s line in the movie Mask? “Somebody Stop Me!” I think that is exactly how Obama feels. “In six years, you’ve shown me that all you are going to do is talk. I can take that all day long. In the meantime, I will just keep on pushing my agenda to fatally cripple this nation.”

Everything in me believes that is his agenda. It is the only thing that makes sense out of all that he does and does not do. There’s really nothing I can do but express my outrage in words. That is all that most of us can do. But there are people in power that can do more. Until they exorcise their power, he will continue to ram his down our outraged throats.

Upside Down 4

They say that social security benefits could run out.  Funny; I’ve never heard of the possibility of welfare running out.  Is that not upside down?  We who have worked all our life and paid in, may not get our money back, while so many who have never worked a day in their life, continue to bleed it all dry.

I believe there will always be a percentage of needy people.  And if that percentage would remain reasonable, there would be plenty to help those who truly needed.  But the percentage is out of line.  It needs to be a priority of our government to right it.  It wouldn’t have to be drastic; but gradually with plenty of forewarning, we could get back in line.

Millions of Mexicans come here and find work because they want to work – because they have to work.  Far too many in our welfare system aren’t there because they have to be; they want to be. That needs to change.